An Interview with Caffinated Cosplay

“I am A Little Goblin Girl”
-Sam Riegel

She’s no stranger to this page and has been featured on this page before. For our first Cosplay Interview, I asked some questions to Caffinated Cosplay who has graciously given up some of her free time to help and answer them. We talk about Critical Role, Cosplay, DnD and everyone’s favorite little Goblin girl. Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and sit down with  a fantastic cosplayer from Norway.

  1. Could you please Introduce yourself, tell us a little about your interests. 
    Hi! I go by Coffee/CaffinatedStory. I’m a 27yo nurse from Norway and I accumulate hobbies and interests like my life depended on it.
    I love writing, reading, cooking and making things. I’m a little bit of a history nerd to add to my love of fantasy and medicine, so if I can combine these things all in one I’m super stoked.
  2.  How were you introduced to Critical Role?
    My youngest brother and his fiance are mostly to blame (or maybe thank). I’d heard about CR via friends online, but campaign one seemed too daunting to get into due to it already having gone on for 45678 hours. But my brother said I should give the upcoming campaign 2 a go, and here I am!
  3. How did you start cosplaying?
    Hetalia was my first real attempt to really look like characters. Started with closet cosplays and ‘casual’ outfits because that was the easiest to do while studying and having to move flats every year. Started eventually trying to get more ‘official’ looking costumes and now I’m trying to teach myself how to sew so I can make things from scratch.
  4.  If you were to describe Critical Role to a friend, how would you do so?
    I’ve already tried to describe it to several people at work and so far my attempt to describe it to my (usually a lot older) colleagues boils down to:
    “It’s a bunch of voice actors telling a really fun story together set in a fantasy world.” …. “Yes, a cooperative audiobook set in the world of Game of Thones and Lord of the Rings. Sure.”
  5. Everyone has favorite moments from Critical Role but do you have a moment that always stands out to you that affected you personally (Either from the show or in cosplay at a event)?
    I don’t really know anyone who cosplays near me, so when I got to gatecrash the Dutch Critical role meetup during Castlefest this year I was just so blown away by everyone being so welcoming and sweet! (for not to mention I met so many amazing new friends and talented people.) So I’m very happy this show has such a welcoming community with so many kind people.
  6. Have you played DnD and which character do you currently play?
    I play with my younger brothers when time allows us (youngest brother’s fiance is our DM).
    And I play as a Drow Sorcerer (with one level cleric because /someone/ needed to be the healer. But I am the /worst/ cleric.) For not to mention we as a group are horrible. Utterly horrible. My character collects limbs… And my goal is to freak out my family with my medical and surgical knowledge 😀

  7. If money was no option, is there a character from Critical Role you would love to cosplay?
    I would /love/ to cosplay Pike in all her armoured glory! Raishan would also be super cool to try out if I ever win the lottery.
  8.  Do you watch any other DnD podcasts? if so, which ones?
    I’m trying to get into The Adventure Zone – very slowly but surely.
  9. If you met a member of the cast, what would you tell them?
    I have honestly not thought that far because I think my chances are /so/ slim that will ever happen. But I’d either tell them how much joy and laughter they’ve given me. Or I’d just thank them for making such fantastic characters that each on their own capture so many emotions and interesting ideas.
  10. Are there any other cosplayers or people you’d like to give a shout out to?
    Is there a limit?? All the cool Dutch Critters who let me crash their meetup and photos! Some of them being:
    Seg Cosplays
    Raven Star Cosplay
    Maya Panides
    Stars of Gemini
    Ambyth Cosplay
    Wartotem Cosplay
    And CelabWidogast who was one of the people on Tumblr who really made me think my cosplay of Nott was worthwhile to continue and make better
  11.  What made you pick Nott the Brave for your first CR cosplay?
    From the very first episode I fell in love with Nott. Sam played her as such a funny and interesting character that I immediately wanted to cosplay her. And the more I got to know about Nott, the more I loved her. It’s fun to have a character that’s so expressive and not exactly “mainstream beautiful” to dress up as too. (And I love tiny characters with sharp teeth. They’re fun)
  12. If you could impart some cosplaying wisdom to someone at the start of their cosplay journey, what would it be?
    It’s never too late to start and learn how to make things. And that there are so many fantastic, kind and helpful cosplayers out there willing to give you tips and tricks, so jump in and have fun with it!

Thank You to Caffinated Cosplay for taking part in this first Cosplay Interview and you can follow more of Caffinated Cosplay’s Adventures at her Instagram, Twitter & tumblr pages

Photo by Mayapanides

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